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2022 has been good to Eeviee so far! To date we have collected 360lbs of textiles and have events throughout the summer to continue to collect, reuse and recycle!

Our Earth Day event was a huge success. We partnered with Local Ecology & Agriculture of Fremont (LEAF) and had a table at Washington Hospital’s Earth Day 2022 Event where we collected and talked about clothing recycling.

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The Collecting doesn’t stop!

Throughout the month of May, LEAF will continue to collect at their Stone Garden Location at 55 Mowry Ave in Fremont.

Just look for the bright blue Earth Day Recycling Poster on the metal collection bin to drop off your items. Drop off is available during the day, any day of the week.

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The Girl Scouts Coyote Hills Service Unit is joining LEAF and Eeviee’s Earth Day Recycling Campaign for their Earth Day 2022 Challenge. Their challenge is to collect new and used bras, socks, denim, and crayons through the end of May. All girls who complete the challenge will earn a patch.

For more info on the Coyote Hills Girl Service Unit Earth Day 2022 Challenge send an email to or post to their FB page.

To expand our collecting and ability to recycle more types of textile products – we are partnering with EkoLinq, another bay area like-minded organization.

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