How does eeviee work?

  • Vendors, join for free to list your business or upgrade and get a Deluxe membership.
  • Event Hosts, join and list events for free or upgrade for a Deluxe listing
  • Venue Managers, join and list your venue free or upgrade for a Deluxe entry

We have membership plans to fit your budget.

Who Can Join eeviee?

  • Vendors that want to promote their goods and services.
  • Event Hosts that want to promote their event to potential Vendors.
  • Venue Managers that want to promote their location to Event Hosts.


Vendors, join our community to network with other sellers, event hosts and find the best places for you to sell your products. Communicate with other vendors and never miss another event near you!

Event Hosts

Event Hosts, showcase your events to  Vendors and merchants in your area and beyond. Gain access to a talented community that will ensure your shows are full and meet your customer's expectations.

Venue Managers

Venue Managers, insure you stay booked by keeping your venue in front of vendors and event managers that want to host or attend a successful event.